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Morals Before Profit

This is the core of our company. Yes, we are a for-profit company and we most certainly make a profit. But that is not our goal. We are here to serve science, to aid pure research. To that end you will find kindness and helpfulness from all employees. You will not find a dry salesperson trying to make a commission. If you feel that we are in any way placing profits before morality please let us know so we can fix it. The input of the scientific community is our surest path to a better company.

Security in the Item Purchased

We are a no-stock company. What does that mean? When you order from us the item will ship directly from the manufacturer. This guarantees that you will receive the latest stock from the assembly line and not something that has been sitting in a warehouse for several months. It will be factory-sealed, untouched by anyone else, with the full factory warranty. This cannot be guaranteed by the "big box" retailers who are stocking items.

Unmatched Prices

This is likely what brought you to our web site. As stated, our company exists to serve science, and that cannot be done with high prices and hidden fees. The price you see on our web site is the price you pay: no shipping, no fees. And the item you receive will always be new, factory-fresh, and fully warranted.

A Strong, Verifiable Entity

We have been in business since 2002 and each year has seen an increase in sales. We maintain the highest possible standing with our manufacturer, Thermo Scientific, by streamlining compliance demands and keeping products up to date. You are free to contact Thermo to verify our status as an Authorized Distributor in Good Standing: 866-984-3766.

Morality, security, low prices, and strength.

This is what holds our company together and what will drive us forward for decades to come. Again, we welcome your feedback to help us improve in any way. Enjoy confidence with your purchase from McQueen Laboratory Supply Company.

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