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Upgraded and Discontinued Hotplates and Stirrers

HP131535Q replaced by HP88850100

Original: HP131535Q

Replacement: HP88850100

HP130915Q replaced by HP88854100

Original: HP130915Q

Replacement: HP88854100

HP131225Q replaced by HP88857100

Original: HP131225Q

Replacement: HP88857100

S131435Q replaced by S88850100

Original: S131435Q

Replacement: S88850100

S130815Q replaced by S88854100

Original: S130815Q

Replacement: S88854100

S131125Q replaced by S88857100

Original: S131125Q

Replacement: S88857100

SP131635Q replaced by SP88850100

Original: SP131635Q

Replacement: SP88850100

SP131015Q replaced by SP88854100

Original: SP131015Q

Replacement: SP88854100

SP131325Q replaced by SP88857100

Original: SP131325Q

Replacement: SP88857100

HP133735Q replaced by HP88850190

Original: HP133735Q

Replacement: HP88850190

HP131725Q replaced by HP88857190

Original: HP131725Q

Replacement: HP88857190

S133935Q replaced by S88850190

Original: S133935Q

Replacement: S88850190

S133325Q replaced by S88857190

Original: S133325Q

Replacement: S88857190

SP133835Q replaced by SP88850190

Original: SP133835Q

Replacement: SP88850190

SP131825Q replaced by SP88857190

Original: SP131825Q

Replacement: SP88857190

SP131825Q replaced by SP88857190

Original: SP131825Q

Replacement: SP88857190

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