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MaxQ 4450 Platform Guide

The MaxQ 4450 Shakers require a platform and clamps to operate. There are two types of platforms.

Universal Platforms if you have various sizes of labware. These platforms hold interchangeable clamps so you can mix and match clamps for the various labware you have.

Dedicated Platforms if you intend on using one type of labware size (such as 50 mL Flasks). Clamps are included at maximum capacity.


MaxQ 4450 Platforms

Universal Platforms

Universal platforms allow you to place different sizes of labware on a single platform. Clamps for various flask and test tube sizes hold the labware in place. After selecting a platform, purchase clamps at our MaxQ 4450 Clamp Guide.

Universal Platforms

Part No.

11" x 13" Platform

  Clamps or Adhesive Mat Required
  View Clamps    View Adhesive Mat




30100    More Details

Dedicated Platforms

Dedicated platforms come installed with the maximum capacity of clamps for the designated labware size. The platform is ready to be used.

11" x 13" Dedicated Platforms

Part No.

60 x 10 mL Erlenmeyer Flask  

  Includes Platform + 60 Clamps  




3523-1    More Details

30 x 25 mL Erlenmeyer Flask  

  Includes Platform + 30 Clamps  




3523-2    More Details

30 x 50 mL Erlenmeyer Flask  

  Includes Platform + 30 Clamps  




3523-3    More Details

15 x 125 mL Erlenmeyer Flask  

  Includes Platform + 15 Clamps  




3523-4    More Details

10 x 250 mL Erlenmeyer Flask  

  Includes Platform + 10 Clamps  




3523-5    More Details

6 x 500 mL Erlenmeyer Flask  

  Includes Platform + 6 Clamps  




3523-7    More Details

4 x 1 L Erlenmeyer Flask  

  Includes Platform + 4 Clamps  




3523-8    More Details


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