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Thermo Scientific MaxQ 8000 Incubated/Refrigerated Stackable Shaker - Digital

Part Number: SHKE8000-7

Model SHKE8000-7, Thermo Scientific MaxQ 8000 Incubated/Refrigerated Stackable Shaker - Digital

Optional Platform
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What's This?

Part Number  


Shaker Type  




Speed Range  

25 - 400 rpm   ±1

Orbit Diameter  

1.0 in

Max Load  

75 lbs

Temp Range  

20°C below Ambient to 60°C


±0.15°C at 37°C in flask

Temp Uniformity  

±0.3°C at 37°C in flask


25"H x 56.5"W x 33.3"D


610 lbs


5-Year Parts, 1-Year Labor


120V 60Hz

Platform Required

This Shaker does not include a platform.

For a Complete System
You Need:

Shaker + Platform + Clamps

» Platforms for MaxQ 8000

» Clamps for MaxQ 8000


SHKE8000-7 Incubated/Refrigerated Stackable Shaker

MaxQ 8000 Stacked

Thermo Scientific MaxQ 8000 series shakers are specially designed for laboratory professionals seeking high capacity shakers but lacking the floor space to accommodate multiple large floor models. All models feature an insulated, fold-down door with wide-view window for high visibility.

MaxQ 8000 Shakers Catalog (PDF)

All stackable shakers may be stacked up to three units high for three times the capacity of a floor shaker in nearly the same footprint.

Electronic components and HEPA filter are easily accessed from the front of the unit, eliminating the need to move the shaker during regular maintenance or service. HEPA filter ensures that air inside the unit remains clean and reduces cross contamination so culturing conditions are improved.

Fold-down door with ergonomically designed door handle, large quick-release base (included), and dedicated or universal slide-out shaker platform provide convenient access to your product, regardless of its position on the 29.5" x 18" platform. Universal and dedicated platforms are ordered separately.

Flip-down handle/latch on the quick-release base prevents the shaker from running if the universal or dedicated platform is not secured.

Easy-to-clean platforms are constructed of 5/16", heavy-duty, brushed anodized aluminum, which does not chip or rust.

Heavy-gauge cold-rolled steel exterior is designed to safely support units stacked three high.

Top platform height is under 61.0" when units are stacked three high, ensuring ease-of-use and convenient accessibility.

Crevice-free Type 304 stainless steel chamber with coved corners and built-in drain keeps spills within the work area and promotes easy cleaning. Chamber is tall enough to hold 2 liter Erlenmeyer flasks.

Inside the MaxQ 8000 Shaker

Chamber xenon light with switch improves visibility.

Shaker door features a magnetic gasket for a tight seal, pneumatic dampers for smooth controlled opening, and hinges with counterbalance springs to ease door closing.

World's most durable and dynamically balanced orbital shaker mechanism ensures smooth operation for optimum oxygenation and nutrient mixing, reduced cell clumping, and prevention of splashing and flask wetting.

Triple counterbalanced mechanism provides optimum handling of full or unbalanced loads, regardless of flask placement.

Heavy-duty, eccentric drive mechanism allows extended speed ranges from 25 to 400 RPM, ±1 RPM with minimal vibration, even when shakers are stacked three-high.

Slide-out platform features a large mounting surface area and is secured to ensure a smooth, stable motion. Platform motion is continuously monitored independently of motor operation for added protection.

Heavy-duty, permanently lubricated bearings provide long life. Cool running, brushless, 1/3 HP, DC motor ensures continuous maintenance-free operation.

Microprocessor Control/Monitoring System for easy use

Opening the MaxQ 8000 Shaker

All microprocessor functions can be calibrated easily through the keypad. Sealed control panel minimizes concern about accidental spills.

Audio/visual, high/low RPM tracking alarms alert you if speed deviations occur. Alarms can be silenced temporarily and ring back as a reminder of unresolved alarm conditions.

Non-volatile memory saves settings during a power outage and automatically restarts the unit after power is restored.

Microprocessor tracks total accumulated time on motor and drive systems.

Controlled acceleration circuitry provides smooth start-up and stopping to eliminate splashing and wetting of flask closures.

RS232 port is standard and permits computer interface and monitoring of time, temperature and speed.

For long-term documentation an optional free standing chart recorder is available.

Standard remote alarm contacts allow convenient monitoring of alarm conditions from another location.

MaxQ 800 Control Panel

MaxQ 8000 Control Panel Features

Audio/Visual Alarm Indicator: Audio/visual over and undertemperature tracking alarms ensure product protection. A separate adjustable overtemperature safety alarm with independent probe and an under-temperature safety alarm provides additional backup.

Backlit Display: Two-line, 40 character, LCD, alphanumeric display is a complete message/information center for actual (run) and setpoint parameters, and alarm condition messages. Provides message visibility in low and bright light conditions.

Up and Down Arrow Keys: During programming, these keys increase and decrease the time, speed, and temperature values.

Start: Starts the shaker's operation

Stop: Causes the shaker to stop operating

Time, Speed, and Temp C: Icons/buttons allow easy programming of set parameters. Time: Counts upward, showing total operating hours and minutes for the run. Speed: Displays the actual platform speed (RPM). Temp C: Displays the actual temperature inside the chamber.

Run points and Set points: Both are displayed simultaneously

Alarm Silence: Keeps alarms from sounding

Platforms for SHKE8000-7

Universal Platforms

Universal platforms allow you to place different sizes of labware on a single platform. Clamps for various flask and test tube sizes hold the labware in place. After selecting a platform, purchase clamps below or use our MaxQ 8000 Clamp Guide.

Universal Platforms

Part No.

29.5" x 18" Platform

  Clamps or Adhesive Mat Required
  View Clamps    View Adhesive Mat




238061    More Details

Dedicated Platforms

Dedicated platforms come installed with the maximum capacity of clamps for the designated labware size. The platform is ready to be used.

29.5" x 18" Dedicated Platforms

Part No.

91 x 25 mL Erlenmeyer Flask  

  Includes Platform + 91 Clamps  




238066    More Details

91 x 50 mL Erlenmeyer Flask  

  Includes Platform + 91 Clamps  




238067    More Details

40 x 125 mL Erlenmeyer Flask  

  Includes Platform + 40 Clamps  




238068    More Details

30 x 250/300 mL Erlenmeyer Flask  

  Includes Platform + 30 Clamps  




238069    More Details

24 x 500 mL Erlenmeyer Flask  

  Includes Platform + 24 Clamps  




238071    More Details

15 x 1 L Erlenmeyer Flask  

  Includes Platform + 15 Clamps  




238072    More Details

12 x 2 L Erlenmeyer Flask  

  Includes Platform + 12 Clamps  




238073    More Details

6 x 2800 mL Fernbach Flask  

  Includes Platform + 6 Clamps  




238074    More Details

Clamps for SHKE8000-7

Clamps fit on the Universal Platforms holding the labware in place and accommodate various flask and test tube sizes. The platform will hold all sizes, so you can mix and match clamps for the various labware you have. Each clamp is sold separately.

  Clamp Description

Max Clamp Capacity per Platform  

29.5 x 18

Microplate/Deep-well Plate

  Model No. 236025  





25 mL Erlenmeyer Flask

  Model No. 236010  





50 mL Erlenmeyer Flask

  Model No. 236011  





125 mL Erlenmeyer Flask

  Model No. 236012  





250/300 mL Erlenmeyer Flask

  Model No. 236013  





500 mL Erlenmeyer Flask

  Model No. 236014  





1 L Erlenmeyer Flask

  Model No. 236015  





2 L Erlenmeyer Flask

  Model No. 236016  





2800 mL Fernbach Flask

  Model No. 236019  





10-13 mm (3-7 mL) Tubes

  Model No. 600076     72-Place Array





16-20 mm (10-20 mL) Tubes

  Model No. 600077     40-Place Array





21-25 mm (30 mL) Tubes

  Model No. 600078     40-Place Array





26-30 mm (50 mL) Tubes

  Model No. 600079     24-Place Array





Adhesive Flask Mat 9x9 (Reusable)   Model No. 300349

Place this on a platform and various sizes of flasks will adhere to the surface. The adhesive flask mat measures 9'' x 9'' but it can be cut to fit your needs. It is also reusable. The maximum shaking speed for the mat is 250 rpm, otherwise your labware may come off.




Flask Clamp Starter Kit   Model No. 236099

Includes (2) 25ml flask clamps, (2) 50ml flask clamps, (2) 125ml flask clamps, (4) 250/300ml flask clamps, (4) 500ml flask clamps, (2) 1L flask clamps, (2) 2L flask clamps, and (1) set of replacement head screws.




Optional Accessories

Stand for One Stackable Shaker

Part Number: 194222

This stand is 45.5''W x 29.6''H x 35.3''D and has a 30.6'' maximum height with the leveling feet extended. It will hold one shaker so that it is closer to eye level.

Sale Price: $2,058.00

Free Shipping


Model 194222, Thermo Scientific Stand for One Stackable Shaker

Stand for Two Stackable Shakers

Part Number: 194223

This stand is 45.5''W x 11.8''H x 30.5''D and has a 12.8'' maximum height with the leveling feet extended. You can stack a maximum of two shakers on this stand.

Sale Price: $2,338.00

Free Shipping


Model 194223, Thermo Scientific Stand for Two Stackable Shakers

Adhesive Flask Mat 9x9 (Reusable)

Part Number: 300349

Place this on a platform and various sizes of flasks will adhere to the surface. The adhesive flask mat measures 9'' x 9'' but it can be cut to fit your needs. It is also reusable. The maximum shaking speed for the mat is 250 rpm, otherwise your labware may come off.

Sale Price: $55.00

Free Shipping


Model 300349, Thermo Scientific Adhesive Flask Mat 9x9 (Reusable)

MaxQ Universal Utility Tray 9x18

Part Number: 236026

Utility trays attach to platforms and provide a non-slip surface to hold petri-dishes, Pyrex dishes, microplates and smaller flasks at low RPM's.

Sale Price: $120.00

Free Shipping


MaxQ Universal Utility Tray 18x18

Part Number: 236027

Utility trays attach to platforms and provide a non-slip surface to hold petri-dishes, Pyrex dishes, microplates and smaller flasks at low RPM's.

Sale Price: $230.00

Free Shipping



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