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Thermo Scientific Owl D4 Stackable Gel System, 16 x 17 cm

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Thermo Scientific

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Product Details

The Owl D4 System is designed to provide flat, even banding patterns and consistent results with hassle-free gel casting.

Ships complete with Buffer Chamber, Three Point Leveling Base, SuperSafe Lid with Attached Power Supply Leads, 2 UVT Gel Trays, External Gel Caster, Casting Tray, 6 Combs: 1.5 mm Thick.

The system with optimal flexibility

No tape, grease, agarose seals or other accessories are required

Design allows you to run 1 gel tray (51 samples) or stack 2 gel trays (102 samples) in the buffer chamber while saving valuable bench space

Each of the (2) U.V. Transmissible (UVT) gel trays, (W x L) 16 x 17 cm, accommodates up to (3) combs, allowing the user to run up to 3 series of samples of equal distances

A stand-alone casting platform is included for casting 2 gels simultaneously

A single gel can be cast right in the buffer chamber. Custom combs are available upon request

Gel Size: (W x L) 16 x 17 cm

Footprint: (W x L x H) 27 x 23 x 14 cm

Running Buffer Volume: 1.8 L


User Manual (PDF Download)


Owl 17-Well Micro Well Comb, 1.0mm Thick for D4

Part Number: D4-17C

17 Teeth
1.0mm Thick
7.2mm Wide



Owl 17-Well Micro Well Comb, 1.5mm Thick for D4

Part Number: D4-17D

17 Teeth
1.5mm Thick
7.2mm Wide



Available Accessories

Owl External Gel Caster for D4

Part Number: D4-CST



Owl EasyCast UVT Gel Tray for D4

Part Number: D4-UVT



Owl Replacement Gasket (Set of 2) for D4

Part Number: D4-GK



Owl Power Supply Leads

PSL-5 Owl Power Supply Leads

Part Number: PSL-5



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