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Thermo Scientific Countertop Educational Plant Growth Chamber


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New, Factory-Direct


Thermo Scientific

Part No.



396 Liters


29"H x 50"W x 17"D

Shipping Weight

236 lbs


38"H x 52"W x 18.5"D


120 V / 60 Hz

Product Details

Thermo Scientific Plant Growth environmental chamber combines a large viewing area, simplified temperature controls, and an economical price. It is ideal for growing plants in the classroom.

Designed to accommodate plant, animal, and culture studies in the classroom setting

Automatic 24-hour programming with time

The 24 hour timer can be set in 15 minute increments. It operates on a cycle and repeats itself every 24 hours.

Sliding glass doors for easy access and viewing

Lighting consists of four fluorescent and three incandescent lamps for various lighting levels (customer supplied)

Two interior electrical outlets to easily accommodate other electrical equipment

Main power switch, lamp switch, heater output, fan, thermostat and 24 timer/programmer switches all have on/off indicator lights

Front control panel can be removed for maintenance without disturbing experiments in progress

Black-out panel included


User Manual (PDF Download)


1 Year Parts and Labor

Warranty Valid in United States Only

Warranty Details

Available Accessories

Chamber Shelf for 846

Part Number 846-8. The chamber shelf measures 6.5 inches x 49.5 inches and fits all the way across the interior. Notice it is not full depth so the shelves can be staggered.



Mobile Chamber Stand for 846

Part Number 846-12. The mobile chamber stand measures 53"W x 32"H x 23.5"D. By placing your chamber on this stand you will be free to move it around. Also you have the added benefit of the plants being closer to head-height.



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