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Thermo Scientific Lindberg/Blue M 1100C Tube Furnace C2, 24-inch + RS485

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New, Factory-Direct


Thermo Scientific

Part No.


Temperature Range

100 to 1100°C

Compatible Tube Sizes

1 to 3 in

Shipping Weight

145 lbs


21"H x 35"W x 17"D


208-240 V / 60 Hz


3800 Watts

Product Details

Thermo Scientific Lindberg/Blue M three-zone 1100°C tube furnaces feature Moldatherm ceramic fiber insulation, excellent temperature uniformity, fast heatup and cooldown, and quick recovery with optimum power consumption.

Includes the C2 Controller

Programmable with one (1) stored program of sixteen (16) segments. Each segment includes one ramp and one dwell, so you can program 16 ramp/dwell cycles.

The ramp is used to vary the heat-up rate to your specified setpoint. The furnace will then dwell (hold the temperature) at a set level for a specified time.

An LED display simultaneously shows both setpoint and actual furnace temperatures.

Super Control (Fuzzy logic) suppresses overshooting of temperature

Customer initiated auto-tune function will adjust and update the PID parameters to the optimum settings for new temperature setpoints

Includes RS485 digital communications port; allows controller to be connected to a PC for remote monitoring and contro

Ideal for a variety of process tubes including alumina, mullite, quartz and metallic

Heated Length of 24 inches

Double-shell construction and variable density insulation combine to enhance performance over conventional furnaces

Durable, high-strength hardware and a variety of control systems offer both convenience and versatility over a range of sophistication

Three zones, three programmable controllers (one for each zone)

Microprocessor-based self-tuning PID control (proportional, integral, derivative) provides optimum thermal process without overshoot

Adjustable high-limit over-temperature protection

Flexible design--can be used for a variety of applications

Innovative use of venting and insulating air spaces create lower exterior surface temperatures

Long-life Type K thermocouple

Accepts an array of tube adapters; one set of tube adapters included (2 x 3-inch adapters)

NOTE: Furnace must be hard wired


Catalog (PDF Download)


1 Year Parts and Labor

Warranty Valid in United States Only

Warranty Details

Available Accessories

1-inch Adapter for STF55346C-1 Tube Furnace / NO REPLACEMENT AVAILABLE

59541 1-inch Adapter for STF55346C-1 Tube Furnace / NO REPLACEMENT AVAILABLE

Part Number: 59541



2-inch Adapter for STF55346C-1 Tube Furnace

59543 2-inch Adapter for STF55346C-1 Tube Furnace

Part Number: 59543



3-inch Adapter for STF55346C-1 Tube Furnace

59545 3-inch Adapter for STF55346C-1 Tube Furnace

Part Number: 59545



Blank (solid) Adapter for STF55346C-1 Tube Furnace

Part Number: 59549



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