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Thermo Scientific Lindberg/Blue M 16.4L D2 OTC LGO Box Furnace

BF51732PBC-1: Lindberg/Blue M 16.4L D2 OTC LGO Box Furnace

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New, Factory-Direct


Thermo Scientific

Part No.



16.4 L / 0.6 Cubic Ft

Temperature Range

100 to 1200°C


7"H x 13"W x 11"D

Shipping Weight

165 lbs


27"H x 24"W x 23"D


208-240 V / 60 Hz


4500 Watts

Product Details

Thermo Scientific LGO Series Box Furnaces feature the latest technical advances in heating elements, insulation and temperature control, all integrated into a self-contained cabinet. Furnaces feature patented LGO (light gauge overbend) heating elements and Moldatherm insulation for efficient and economical transfer of heat to the chamber, with low exterior temperatures.

Includes the D2 Digital Controller

Programmable with 25 stored programs with 500 segments per program. Each segment includes one ramp and one dwell, so you can program up to 500 ramp/dwell cycles.

The ramp is used to vary the heat-up or cool-down rate to your specified setpoint. The furnace will then dwell (hold the temperature) at a set level for a specified time.

Controller can repeat the whole program up to 999 times

Program patterns can be based on either time or rate

A large 5-digit LED display shows actual temperature

LCD display provides trend recording function, graphic prompts, configurable display data, and custom messages set by the customer.

Selectable self-tuning PID control (proportional, integral, derivative) provides optimum thermal process and prevents overshoot

Control panel designed for easy access and maintenance

Main power ON/OFF switch on control panel

Adjustable high-limit overtemperature protection

Can be configured to display temperature in either °C or °F

Variable heat-up rate eliminates thermal shock to materials with quick heat-up and cool-down rates

Vertical Lift Door

Air vent (1in. dia., top) and air inlet (1/4-inch Male Pipe Thread, rear) for inert atmosphere exchange; will experience some leakage at door

Self-tuning, digital instrumentation for precise temperature setpoint and display

Platinel II thermocouple for long-term stability

Safety door switch to interrupt power to heating element when door is opened; protects heating element and minimizes exposure to end-user

One shelf position in center of furnace. A removable, two-part shelf is included.

Moldatherm hearthplate supports load and prevents damage due to spillage

NOTE: Furnace must be hard wired

Adjustable digital overtemperature control (OTC)

OTC - Protects furnace and load in the event of primary control circuit failure

OTC - Overrides main controller and shuts off power to furnace if high limit is reached

OTC - Manual reset required for safety

OTC - Operates via magnetic contacts through signal from independent thermocouple


Catalog (PDF Download)


1 Year Parts and Labor

Warranty Valid in United States Only

Warranty Details

Available Accessories

RS485 Communications Port for Furnaces

Part Number COM. The RS485 digital communications port allows the furnace to be connected to a PC for remote monitoring and control.

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