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Laboratory and Industrial Furnaces

Thermo Scientific Model fd1535m

Box Furnaces

Typically used for processing larger samples or to easily place and access samples. We offer a versatile selection of small, medium and large box furnaces suitable for a variety of industrial and laboratory applications. Advanced engineering and specialized construction techniques include variable density insulation, double shell cabinets, long-life heating elements and side-swing doors (vertical or horizontal) or swing down doors.

Thermo Scientific Model htf55322a-1

Tube Furnaces

Tube furnaces are typically used for processing small samples or heating in an inert atmosphere. The single and three-zoned construction is designed to create precise temperature control. We offer heating zones up to 36 inches at temperatures up to 1700°C.

Thermo Scientific Model f48015-60

Muffle Furnaces

Our muffle furnaces come in a variety of control features from single setpoint to multiple programs. With temperatures up to 1200°C the options are many. And you will always have free shipping!

Thermo Scientific Model f6020c-33-60

Ashing Furnaces

Atmosphere controlled ashing furnaces are ideal for coal and coke ashing procedures. They reach 975°C with the standard stainless-steel manifold and 1093°C with the optional inconel manifold. Each includes an adjustable gas flowmeter/valve (0-80 L/min.) on the front for easy access when adjusting the airflow rate.

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