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Thermo Scientific BioCane 73 Canister and Cane System


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New, Factory-Direct


Thermo Scientific

Part No.


Product Series

BioCane Canister and Cane System

LN2 Capacity

73 L

Neck Diameter

6 in

Static Evaporation Rate

0.6 Liters / Day

Static Holding Time

121 Days

Canister Height

11 in

Canister Diameter

5 in

1.2 mL Vial Capacity


2.0 mL Vial Capacity


4.0 mL Vial Capacity


5.0 mL Vial Capacity

960 L

Straw Capacity

4800 L

Canister Dimensions

27.3"H x 22"Ø

Empty Weight

52 lbs

Full Weight

192 lbs

Shipping Weight

95 lbs


Includes 8 Canisters



Product Details

Our BioCane canister and cane systems cost-effectively store cell, tissues or other biological samples. Available in four sizes, the system can safely hold samples for up to seven months without replenishing LN2.

Includes (6) stainless steel canisters to accommodate vials

Canisters are color-coded to simplify sample identification

Durable aluminum construction and vacuum insulation

Narrow-mouth design minimizes LN2 evaporation

Secure locking clasp


Catalog (PDF Download)

Included Accessories

Includes 8 Canisters


5 years on vacuum integrity, 1 year parts

Warranty Valid in United States Only

Warranty Details

Available Accessories

Low Level Alarm for BioCane, Locator, and Arctic Express

8130 Low Level Alarm for BioCane, Locator, and Arctic Express

Part Number 8130. This low-level alarm includes dry contacts for connection to a telephone dialing system or remote alarm. Must be installed by customer or qualified electrician.



Transport Cart for BioCane 73 and Locator

AY509X1 Transport Cart for BioCane 73 and Locator

Part Number AY509X1. This transfer vessel has wheels and stands 5 inches high. It is molded to fit snugly around the vessel base.



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