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Thermo Scientific Cryogenic Storage

Thermo Scientific Model 189447

Waterproof Cryo Gloves

Thermo Scientific waterproof Cryo Gloves keep your hands and arms safe from cryogenic temperatures while handling vessels and samples in liquid nitrogen.

Thermo Scientific Model ck509x3

BioCane Canister and Cane Systems

Our BioCane canister and cane systems cost-effectively store cell, tissues or other biological samples. Available in four sizes, the system can safely hold samples for up to seven months without replenishing LN2.

Thermo Scientific Model cy50985

Locator Rack and Box Systems

The Thermo Scientific Locator Rack and Box Systems simplify sample storage and retrieval with unique hanging rack and gridded box design, advanced vacuum insulation, unmatched temperature uniformity and an innovative liquid nitrogen monitor.

Thermo Scientific Model ty509x4

Liquid Nitrogen Transfer Vessels

Thermo Series Transfer Dewars are designed for storing and dispensing small amounts of liquid nitrogen. Four models are available with capacities from 5 to 32 Liters.

Thermo Scientific Model 2124

Benchtop Liquid Nitrogen Containers

Our Thermo-Flask liquid nitrogen containers feature inner vessels of borosilicate glass evacuated to 1x10-5mmHg. They come standard in stainless steel and feature vented clamped lids, carrying handles, and rubber cushioned bases.

Thermo Scientific Model cy50910

Arctic Express Cryogenic Shipping Containers

Featuring excellent flexibility and safety features, Arctic Express Cryogenic Shipping Containers protect samples during shipment. See model CY50920 for IATA Approved shipping.

Thermo Scientific Model ck50921

Arctic Express Dual Shipper and Storage Containers

Arctic Express Dual systems protect samples during shipment and storage. Featuring excellent flexibility and safety features, these systems can be used as dry shippers or laboratory cryo storage vessels.

Thermo Scientific Model 8120

Liquid Nitrogen Supply Tanks

Thermo Scientific stainless steel LN2 supply tanks are rated at 22 psi. Optional transfer hose is 6 feet long, 1/2-inch diameter with a 45-degree flare and swivel ends.

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