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Thermo Scientific Revco UxF -86C Ultra Low Freezer, 28.8 cu ft

Part Number: UxF60086A

Model UxF60086A, Thermo Scientific Revco UxF -86C Ultra Low Freezer, 28.8 cu ft

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Locking Casters, 4 Shelves, Key Lock

Temp Range  

-86°C to -50°C


28.8 Cubic Feet
2-Inch Box Capacity: 600


78"H x 43.6"W x 37.6"D


51.23"H x 34.38"W x 28.29"D



Door Type  

Single, Solid


854 lbs


115V 60Hz  Need Different Voltage?




2 Years Parts and Labor
+ Additional 3 Years on Compressor (Parts Only)

Ultimate Protection - Optimum Capacity

The quietest, most energy-efficient units ever made. Industry leading capacity per footprint of lab space. And this is just the beginning.

Your samples need to stay cold. Period. That's why our Revco UxF Series freezers offer outstanding door opening recovery rates and consistent temperature uniformity. To ensure the safety of your samples, our freezers endured the equivalent of more than 26 years of run time before making their way to the market.

Sample protection should be easy. Our Revco UxF Series freezers feature an easy-to-use, touch screen panel with an innovative health monitor that lets you see what's going on inside without opening the door. Onboard data logging provides you with a downloadable record storing up to 15 years of temperature and event data.

The Revco UxF Touchscreen

Touch-Screen Control Panel

The highlight of our UxF freezers is an innovative, touch-screen control panel. Here you can control all freezer settings and user authority levels, as well as monitor the freezer's health 24/7 and access a detailed event log. Need a record? Simply download a report of the event log to a portable drive via a built-in USB port.

High Perfomance or Energy Savings on UxF

Two Modes: High Performance, Energy Savings

For customers who require the strictest tolerances, our high-performance mode provides the tightest temperature uniformity and peak variation. For most applications, our energy savings mode offers excellent temperature control, plus up to 15% savings on energy usage by controlling the temperature and time of the cycles. View Energy Usage Chart

Health monitoring system on UxF

Health Monitoring System

You can check your freezer's "health" at any time by simply touching the heart icon on the main screen. Here, you will see the freezer's temperature, alarms, and freezer system status.

Health monitoring with a Blue Heart If the heart icon is blue, your freezer is in good health and is protecting your samples.

Health monitoring with a yellow Heart In the event the heart's color changes to yellow, something needs to be addressed. The yellow heart provides indications of system status, battery alerts, preventative maintenance reminders, ambient alerts and unacknowledged alarms.

Health monitoring with a red Heart A red heart indicates there is a problem. Should this occur, you will be notified with visual and audible alarms. Conditions causing a red heart include warm and cold alarms, door open alarms and power failure.

See what is inside the UxF

See What's Happening Inside!

If at any time you want to see what's going on inside the freezer, you don't need to open the door (despite our excellent recovery times). The following are just a finger stroke away:

Alarm Status: including active alarms and past events

Door Opening Status: How many door openings and length of time the door was open.

Temperature Status: What is the actual temperature? When was it at its warmest and coldest? Need more detail? – press the thermometer to get the temperature status at 8 points in the freezer and refrigeration system.

Environmental Conditions: See a summary of the ambient temperature and the incoming electrical voltage.

Backup System Status: CO2 or LN2 is actively injecting into the freezer. "Green" means good. "Yellow" indicates caution. "Red" signifies "fill up now."

Who is using this freezer?

Who is using this freezer?

Our freezers have multiple security levels to fit your lab requirements. No access control required – use our fully accessible mode and this freezer operates like any other.

Need to restrict who can change setpoints? Use our secure mode where you can designate different types of users. General users can operate all aspects of the freezer but do not have access to change settings. Administrators can change freezer and alarm setpoints, as well as add or delete users.

What happened, when, where?

What happened, when, where?

Because each one of your samples is precious, we've developed an intuitive event log as part of our touch-screen control panel. And, you can easily export your event log data via the USB port in the front of the unit to Microsoft™ Excel®. Simply insert your drive into the USB outlet and touch the download icon.

Do you have multiple freezers?

Do you have multiple freezers?

No problem. Simply load the data from one freezer to the next via the USB drive. This simple action takes the freezer setpoints and user database from one freezer to another.

Interior of the UxF

Additional Features

The industry's fastest Door Opening Recovery! If you open all FIVE inner doors for one full minute (not a likely situation), the freezer will recover to -86°C in 33 minutes.

Dry-erase, whiteboard to keep track of quick, dynamic information. No more post-it notes, please.

Reinforced, stainless steel shelves hold 245 pounds of weight

Freezer contains five independently sealed compartments allowing access to samples without subjecting entire freezer to ambient temperatures. The five polystryene insulated inner doors feature embedded rare earth magnets, eliminating the need for exposed latches or magnets.

4x7 heated uuter door gasket provide four touchpoints of security and seven zones of protection, maximizing cabinet temperature and minimizing frost build-up

Single-hand operation with an easy to use, padlock-compatible, ergonomic door handle with integrated key lock

Pressure equalization port (PEP) allows for quick re-entries after door opening

High-tech construction combines vacuum panel insulation with water-blown foam insulation for maximum sample-to-vial footprint storage

New Whiteboard on the UxF

Environmentally-friendly, CFC/HCFC-free refrigerants

Remote alarm contacts and 4-20mA output compatible with external alarm and monitoring systems

Two rear access, 1-inch (25mm) ports accommodate use of independent probes or instrumentation

Power management system protects against a wide range of voltage variation and is easily accessible through the touch-screen display

Brazed plate heat exchanger for more efficient heat transfer. Induction brazed joints to reduce leak potential and improve reliability.

Long life durability with rugged steel construction featuring a corrosion-resistant coating

Washable filter provides protection against dust on the condenser, which can cause reduced refrigeration performance and increased risk to samples

Alternate Voltage

Model UxF60086D, Thermo Scientific Revco UxF -86 Ultra Low Freezer, 28.8 cu ft - 208-230V

Revco UxF -86 Ultra Low Freezer, 28.8 cu ft - 208-230V

Part Number: UxF60086D

Voltage: 208-230V


Thermo Scientific Exclusive Distributor

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