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Thermo Scientific -150C Cryogenic Chest Freezer, 6.8 cu ft

ULT7150-9-D thermo-ult7150-9-d thumb ULT7150-9-D thermo-ult7150-9-d-2 thumb ULT7150-9-D thermo-cryogenic-freezer-chart thumb

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New, Factory-Direct


Thermo Scientific

Part No.


Temp Range

-150°C Constant Temperature


6.8 Cubic Feet

Box Capacity

2-inch: 144

3-inch: 96


26.5"H x 23.5"W x 19"D



Door Type

Single Solid

Shipping Weight

825 lbs


42.8"H x 58"W x 29"D


208-230 V / 60 Hz



Product Details

Our Thermo Scientific cryogenic freezers maintain a uniform temperatures of -140°C, safely below the -130°C glass transition temperature of water. Cell viability is improved because biologically relevant, thermally driven reactions are not known to occur.

In the images above you will see a comparison of temperature distribution in a liquid nitrogen freezer (vapor phase) and mechanically refrigerated cryogenic freezer (i.e. our freezers). The graph represents temperatures at relative locations within the chamber. Data suggests 100% of the storage space maintains uniform storage temperatures safely below -130°C, while temperature in LN2 vapor system is dependent on storage location.

Our cryogenic freezers are designed for long-term storage of biologicals at uniform temperatures of -150°C without LN2 as a cooling medium

Top-to-bottom temperature uniformity is dramatically improved when compared to LN2 vapor

Lower operating costs than LN2 freezers of smaller capacity

100% of the interior space is usable, with stored samples maintained below critical temperatures

Ample interior volume with capacity of up to 14,400 samples (2mL vials in boxes)

Revolutionary, single compressor, orbital refrigeration system designed for cryogenic storage

Specially mixed, CFC/HCFC-free refrigerants maximize cooling and minimize environmental impact

Downfeed evaporator provides efficient refrigerant flow for a higher system efficiency and a better cabinet temperature uniformity

Washable condenser filter keeps fins free of dust to maintain peak cooling efficiency; no tools required for removal

Comes standard with RS232 output and access port on rear of unit

Microprocessor control system with touchpad data entry and digital display allows for intuitive operation

Set point security system for main power and alarm locks in temperature and alarm set points for increased sample protection

Incident monitor provides visual and audible warnings of system abnormalities for increased sample protection


Catalog (PDF Download)

User Manual (PDF Download)


2 Years Parts and Labor

Warranty Valid in United States Only

Warranty Details

Racks for ULT7150-9-D

Freezer Rack - Includes Handle and Locking Rod - Holds 12 Boxes (2-inch)


Part Number: 398186

12 racks fit in freezer
12 boxes fit in each rack
Dimensions: 5.5 x 26.5 x 5.5 in



Freezer Rack - Includes Handle - Holds 8 Boxes (3-inch)


Part Number: 398187

12 racks fit in freezer
8 boxes fit in each rack
Dimensions: 5.5 x 26.5 x 5.5 in



Freezer Rack - Includes Handle - Holds 27 Microplates


Part Number: 398188

20 racks fit in freezer
Dimensions: 5.3 x 25.8 x 3.6 in



Available Accessories

Factory Installed integral LN2 Back-Up System

Part Number: 6595



Recorder Paper For -150 (50 Pcs.)

Part Number: 7289



Deluxe Electronic Remote Alarm System

6224 Deluxe Electronic Remote Alarm System

Part Number 6224. The deluxe electronic remote alarm can be programmed to sound an alarm in the event of a temperature increase or power failure. The alarm can dial up to four telephone numbers. It advises of an alarm condition across any telephone system which accepts pulse dialing. One system can monitor up to four individual units or up to three groups of units. A dedicated phone line is required. Valid part number also 6224TA.



Free-Standing Chart Recorder 6-inch, 7-Day for -140C and -150C

6383-5 Free-Standing Chart Recorder 6-inch, 7-Day for -140C and -150C

Part Number 6383-5. Chart recorders maintain accurate, physical temperature on chart paper. Includes one box of 50 charts. Free-Standing unit.



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