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Thermo Scientific TSX High-Performance Pharmacy Glass Door Refrigerator 23 cu ft, 115V

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Shown with Optional Chart Recorder; Front view of model TSX2305PA

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New, Factory-Direct


Thermo Scientific

Part No.


Temp Range

+2°C to +8°C


23 Cubic Feet


58"H x 24"W x 28.5"D



Door Type

Single Glass


485 lbs

Shipping Weight

510 lbs


78.5"H x 28"W x 37.8"D


Locking Casters, 6 Pull-Out Basket Drawers, Key Lock


115 V / 60 Hz     Need a Different Voltage? See 208-230V TSX2305PD


UL, cUL, RoHS, Energy Star

Product Details

Our high-performance pharmacy refrigerators feature adjustable basket drawers and glass doors for the easy identification and access of vaccines, pharmaceuticals, and chemotherapeutic material.


Convenient, fully extendable and adjustable basket drawers

Heat-free defrost for maximum temperature uniformity

GMP Clean Room Class A / ISO 6 (ISO EN 14644-1) compatible with appropriate pre-install preparation

Four 2-inch casters for easy mobility; the front two are lockable

Bright, LED interior lighting

Self-closing door with 90° stop to assist with inventory loads

Designed with features that support sustainability objectives and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP)

Variable speed compressor technology (V-Drive) is designed to provide temperature uniformity that continually adapts to the lab or clinical environment, offering significant energy savings without compromising protection

When combined with the automated tuning control, this variable speed drive optimizes the compressors running speed to the current conditions.

When there are frequent door openings, or samples are added, the control system detects the activity and increases the drive speed to bring temperatures back to the set point quickly.

When conditions are stable, such as when the unit is running overnight or on weekends, the drive runs at a low speed, reducing energy consumption while maintaining a stable temperature for your samples.

Whisper quiet operation at 52 dB, so you can bring the unit out of the hallway and back into your lab without disrupting your audio environment

Setpoint security: Key-operated triple position switch for main power and alarm; locks in temperature and alarm setpoints to minimize setpoint error and prevent tampering

Graphic thermometer: Easy to view, shows normal, high or low temperature condition; steady green for normal, flashing top bar for overtemperature, flashing bulb for undertemperature

Low battery alarm: Illuminated when the alarm system battery backup charge is low

Audible alarm: Sounds in the event of warm, cold or power loss conditions. Mute will silence audible alarm with 6 minute ring back interval; display remains flashing

Ergonomically designed door handle featuring soft touch grip

Microprocessor controller is angled to help prevent neck strain


Catalog (PDF Download)

Green Facts (PDF Download)

User Manual (PDF Download)

Included Accessories

Locking Casters, 6 Pull-Out Basket Drawers, Key Lock


2 Years Parts and Labor, Plus Additional 8 Years on V-Drive

Warranty Valid in United States Only

Available Accessories

Temperature Recorder, 6 inch chart, 7-day drive (built-in)

6183-7 Temperature Recorder, 6 inch chart, 7-day drive (built-in)

Part Number 6183-7. Maintain physical, accurate temperature data on pressure-sensitive chart paper.. No inking required. 1 box of 50 charts included. Factory Installed



Replacement Chart Paper for Recorders (-40C to +25C)

Part Number 6184. The chart paper is designed to work in all chart recorders on refrigerators and freezers from -40 degrees to +25 degrees Celsius.



Stainless steel interior for 23.3 cu ft models

Part Number: 6115



Deluxe electronic remote alarm system - user programmable to sound alarm in the ev

Part Number: 6224TA



Remote Alarm with Audible and Visual Signal - 115V

5612-1A Remote Alarm with Audible and Visual Signal - 115V

Part Number 5612-1A. For audible and visual signal in the event of temperature rise or power failure. Can be located up to 1760 feet (536 meters) from cabinet. Must be used with alarm system and connected to normally open or normally closed remote alarm contacts.



Alarm Delay Module

6903 Alarm Delay Module

Part Number 6903. The alarm delay eliminates nuisance alarms due to intermittent or transitory conditions such as lightning or brief power outages. The adjustable delay requires an alarm condition to exist continuously for a pre-determined time (adjustable) before a signal is released to a central alarm/monitoring system or telephone dialer.



Digital Temperature Monitor - Single-Channel and Probe

6898 Digital Temperature Monitor - Single-Channel and Probe

Part Number 6898. Display temperature and activate audible and visual alarms to warn of overtemperature and power failure. Features Temperature range of -100° to +25°C, 8-foot Solid-state PTFE Probe of 1.25"L x 0.25" Dia, High-temperature alarm with adjustable setpoint with 1°C display, Alarm mute and chirp, Audio delay timer, Remote alarm contacts (SPDT), Battery backup, Low-voltage AC power supply, LCD alphanumeric display, Red visual alarm, Velcro® mounting method, Case dimensions: 5L x 4.5W x 2 in.D.



Glass Door, Left Hand Swing, For 23 cu ft

Part Number: 6998



Free Standing 6-Inch, 7-Day Chart Recorder - 115V

6383-7A Free Standing 6-Inch, 7-Day Chart Recorder - 115V

Part Number 6383-7A. Seven-day chart recorder records temperatures from -40 to +38C. Uses pressure-sensitive paper which requires no inking. Pack of 50 charts included. Free Standing. Customer installed. Please use a qualified technician.



Casters, Set of Four Dual-Wheel 3-Inch Casters for Refrigerators and Freezers

Part Number: 6041-1



Seismic Restraint Kit (Basic) for Refrigerators and Freezers

Part Number: TFR210



Seismic Restraint Kit (for OSHPD) for 23 cu ft FMS Freezer

Part Number: TF-LRF23



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