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Thermo Scientific RGL3004A is Discontinued and Replaced by TSX3005GA

View the replacement TSX3005GA

RGL3004A replaced by TSX3005GA

The follow accessories are still available for the RGL3004A.

Accessories for RGL3004A

Temperature Recorder, 6 inch chart, 7-day drive (built-in)


Part Number 6183-7. Maintain physical, accurate temperature data on pressure-sensitive chart paper.. No inking required. 1 box of 50 charts included. Factory Installed



Shelves, Epoxy-Coated, Full-Size


Part Number 6695. Additional open-wire shelf



Shelves, Epoxy-Coated, Half-Size


Part Number 6697. Additional open-wire shelf



Shelves, Stainless Steel, Full-Size. 100-pound weight capacity.

Part Number 6695-1. Additional stainless steel shelf



Roll-Out Drawers (Complete Set)


Part Number 6704. Includes 6. Stainless steel drawers are an alternative to standard shelving. Adjustable with full extension.



Roll-Out Drawers, Individual


Part Number 6725. Stainless steel drawers are an alternative to standard shelving. Adjustable with full extension.



Deluxe Electronic Remote Alarm System


Part Number 6224. The deluxe electronic remote alarm can be programmed to sound an alarm in the event of a temperature increase or power failure. The alarm can dial up to four telephone numbers. It advises of an alarm condition across any telephone system which accepts pulse dialing. One system can monitor up to four individual units or up to three groups of units. A dedicated phone line is required. Valid part number also 6224TA.



Remote Alarm with Audible and Visual Signal - 115V


Part Number 5612-1A. For audible and visual signal in the event of temperature rise or power failure. Can be located up to 1760 feet (536 meters) from cabinet. Must be used with alarm system and connected to normally open or normally closed remote alarm contacts.



Alarm Delay Module


Part Number 6903. The alarm delay eliminates nuisance alarms due to intermittent or transitory conditions such as lightning or brief power outages. The adjustable delay requires an alarm condition to exist continuously for a pre-determined time (adjustable) before a signal is released to a central alarm/monitoring system or telephone dialer.



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