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Thermo Scientific Barnstead Oxygen Removal Cartridge for Hose Nipple

Part Number: D8903

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Capacity (Grams)  


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Strong Anion Exchange


Maintains low oxygen content to prevent corrosion in cooling water loops, etc. Will process about 4000 gallons of water with a 1 ppm oxygen content. The feed water should contain less than 10 ppm of ionized solids. Effective removal of weakly ionized impurities, raises the pH of solutions, recovers precious metal complex Measures 18.7 x 3.25 in.

When to Replace

Replace after 4000 gallons of water have been processed.

Compatible Water Systems

Barnstead Hose Nipple;


Instruction Sheet

D8901-D8921-D8902-D8904-D8905-D8922-D8951-D8903.pdf (Download PDF)


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