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D13321 | Barnstead EasyPure RoDi

Replacement Filters and Cartridges

Barnstead 0.2 Micron Final Filter


Part Number D3750. The 0.2 μm Final Filter fits in the Barnstead Nanopure, Easypure, E-Pure, B-Pure, and TII pure water systems.



Barnstead Set of 3 Empty Cartridges for Cleaning (Easypure Sanitation Kit)

Part Number D7034. The empty cartridges for cleaning provide a sanitation kit for the Barnstead Easypure II RF and the Easypure RoDi.



Barnstead Easypure RoDi Cartridge Kit

Part Number D502133. This cartridge kit for the Easypure RoDi includes (1) pre-filter, (1) ultrapure mixed bed cartridge, and (1) Easypure High Purity/Low TOC Cartridge.



Barnstead Ultrapure Cartridge (Half Size)

Part Number D50213. Removes ionized impurities to produce high resistivity water with a neutral pH. Color change indicates when the cartridge is beyond its useful life and must be replaced. Full size cartridge. Half size cartridge. Measures 10.95 x 3.4 in.



Barnstead High Purity/Low TOC Cartridge for EasyPure RF and RoDi


Part Number D50229. This cartridge further purifies the reverse osmosis permeate to produce high purity water as required by international standards (ASTM Type II, CAP, ISO 3696, BS 3997 and CLSI).



Barnstead Ultrapure Mixed Bed Cartridge for EasyPure RF and RoDi


Part Number D50233. This ultrapure cartridge removes ionized impurities to produce high resistivity water with a neutral pH.



Other Accessories

Barnstead Ultraviolet UV Lamp (Unit)

Part Number LMX13. Complete UV Lamp System



Barnstead Ventgard Reservoir Cap

Part Number CV742X5A. Cover assembly with filter.



Barnstead Reverse Osmosis Membrane for EasyPure RoDi

Part Number FL1332X2. The RO membrane has a thin microporous surface that rejects impurities, but allows water to pass through. The membrane rejects bacteria, pyrogens and 90-95% of inorganic solids.




Water Book (PDF Download)

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