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D11911 | Barnstead NanoPure Analytical UV

Replacement Filters and Cartridges

Barnstead 0.2 Micron Final Filter


Part Number D3750. The 0.2 μm Final Filter fits in the Barnstead Nanopure, Easypure, E-Pure, B-Pure, and TII pure water systems.



Barnstead Diamond Cartridge Pack - Deionized Feed

Part Number D50281. Complete system cartridge pack if incoming water is deionized. Includes 0.2 Final Filter (D3750), Organic Free Cartridge, Ultra-Pure Cartridge (Qty 2), Pretreatment DI Cartridge.



Barnstead Diamond Cartridge Pack - RO or Distilled Feed

Part Number D50280. Complete system cartridge pack if incoming water is distilled or treated with reverse osmosis. Also includes the 0.2 micron final filter (D3750).



Other Accessories

Barnstead Ultraviolet UV Lamp (Unit)

Part Number LMX13. Complete UV Lamp System



Barnstead UV Lamp


Part Number LMX26. Changing the UV lamp protects the system against microorganisms and oxidizes organic compounds in the feed water, allowing for TOC levels of less than 5ppb.




Water Book (PDF Download)

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