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A440697 | Barnstead Mega-Pure Glass Still MP-6A, 208V

Replacement Filters and Cartridges

Barnstead High Purity Cartridge for Megapure

Part Number D400377. Deionization cartridge used in the MP-12A, D1 and D2 for high purity. This cartridge further purifies the reverse osmosis permeate to produce high purity water as required by international standards (ASTM Type II, CAP, ISO 3696, BS 3997 and CLSI).



Barnstead High Capacitgy Cartridge for Megapure


Part Number D400499. Deionization cartridge used in MP-12A, D1 and D2. Removes ionized solids for extended capacity.



Barnstead Single Cartridge Deionizer (D1)

Part Number D440046. Single cartridge deionizer removes inorganic contaminants. Dimensions: W x H x D - 10.5 x 25.5 x 7.5 in



Barnstead Dual Cartridge Deionizer (D2)

Part Number D440066. Provides increased capacity with chlorine and organic removal. Dimensions: W x H x D - 16.75 x 25.5 x 7.5 in.



Barnstead Organic Removal Cartridge for Megapure


Part Number D440265. Deionization cartridge used in D2 for organic and chlorine removal.



Other Accessories

Barnstead ACS Wall Mounting Bracket

Part Number: 400634



Barnstead Glass Storage Bottle, 45L


Part Number: 410164



Barnstead Glass Storage Bottle, 13L


Part Number: 413934



Barnstead Glass Flex Tubing Adapter Kit

Part Number 440138. Needed when the supplied glass tubing is either too long or too short to reach still. Flexible tubing is not included. 0.5 inch Teflon tubing able to handle 80-90°C water is recommended.



Barnstead Adapter for ACS Washer Hook-up

Part Number: 440241



Barnstead Solenoid Valve Accessory Kit

Part Number 440375. For use with the D1 or D2 when used as stand alone units.



Barnstead Still Adapter Kit

Part Number 440376. Required to connect the Deionization System to any Mega-Pure Glass Still.



Barnstead Automatic Collection System


Part Number B440704. All glass system designed to collect water from the Mega-Pure Glass Stills and control their operation. Collects up to 45 L of water and controls the still. Preset to shut off the power to the heaters and the water supply to the still after the bottle has collected approximately 45 L. The system will automatically restart the still and refill the collection system when the purified water supply has been depleted to approximately 38 LDimensions: W x H x D 16.25 x 38 x 16.25 in.




Water Book (PDF Download)

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