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50132390 | Barnstead LabTower RO 20 w/100L tank

Filters, Cartridges, and Accessories

Replacement Cartridges and Filters

1 Micron Prefilter for 09.4003

$57.00    Qty

Barnstead Activated Carbon Cartridge with 5 Micron Filter

$108.00    Qty

5 Micron Filter and Hardness Stabilizer

$54.00    Qty

Barnstead Single Pretreatment Cartridge with 10 inch Filter Housing, 5 Micron Filter, and Hardness Stabilizer

Great option for customers with little/no chlorine in their tap water - typically Europe and Asia Pacific

$195.00    Qty

1 Micron Pretreatment Filter

Required to prolong cartridge life. Ships with a filter housing and 1 micron filter. Recommended for bad raw water quality.

$158.00    Qty

0.2 Micron Sterile Vent Filter for Storage Tanks 30 - 100 Liters

Prevents the penetration of bacteria and other microorganisms

$138.00    Qty

0.2 Micron Sterile Vent Filter for Storage Tanks 30 - 100 Liters

Ideal choice for tanks without a recirculation pump.

$239.00    Qty

Other Accessories

Barnstead Sterile Overflow for Reservoir on Storage Tanks 30 - 100 Liters

$138.00    Qty

 Hand Dispenser Kit

Hand Dispenser Kit

Hand dispenser with 3 meter cord that connects to tank (to dispense Type 2 water). Ships with a 0.2 micron final filter.

$850.00    Qty

 Printer for Barnstead Water Systems 120V

Printer for Barnstead Water Systems 120V

Utilizes RS-232 interface for safe documentation of all measured values and faults with date and time in compliance with GLP-Guidelines.

$530.00    Qty

 Barnstead Cleaning Syringe

Barnstead Cleaning Syringe

Minimize the risk of contamination and flush away bacterial contaminants with regular cleaning of your water purification system.

$41.00    Qty


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