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50132369 | Barnstead MicroPure UF-ST

Replacement Filters and Cartridges

Barnstead DI1500 Pre-treatment Stainless Steel Cartridge for RO Water Supply


Part Number 02.1500. Stainless Steel (pressure resistant) Cartridge. Required only when feed water does not meet feed water requirements. Prolongs system cartridge life. 240mm Diameter x 410mm High. Purity 0.1 - 20 µS/cm.



0.2 micron Final Filter for Barnstead Systems


Part Number 09.1003. Reduce bacteria. Can be autoclaved up to 5 times.



Ultrapure Polisher Cartridge for Barnstead MicroPure


Part Number: 09.1006



Ultra Filter for Barnstead MicroPure UF, UV/UF and Smart2Pure UF, UV/UF


Part Number 50133981. These internal ultrafilters are flushed automatically to allow for a long two-year lifetime. Used to remove pyrogens (bacterial endotoxins) and nucleases, which is critical for tissue culture, cell culture and media preparation. Ultrafilters are used at the end of systems ensuring the near total removal of macromolecular impurities like pyrogens, nucleases, and particulates.



Other Accessories

Wall-Mounting Bracket for Barnstead MicroPure and Smart2Pure

Part Number: 09.2212



Barnstead Cleaning Syringe


Part Number CMX25. Minimize the risk of contamination and flush away bacterial contaminants with regular cleaning of your water purification system.




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