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50132191 | Barnstead LabTower TII 20 w/100L tank

Filters, Cartridges, and Accessories

Replacement Cartridges and Filters

1 Micron Prefilter for 09.4003

$57.00    Qty

Barnstead Activated Carbon Cartridge with 5 Micron Filter

$108.00    Qty

5 Micron Filter and Hardness Stabilizer

$54.00    Qty

Barnstead Hardness Stabilizing Cartridge

$129.00    Qty

 0.2 Ám Final Filter for Barnstead Systems

0.2 Ám Final Filter for Barnstead Systems

Reduce bacteria. Can be autoclaved up to 5 times.

$180.00    Qty

Barnstead Single Pretreatment Cartridge with 10 inch Filter Housing, 5 Micron Filter, and Hardness Stabilizer

Great option for customers with little/no chlorine in their tap water - typically Europe and Asia Pacific

$195.00    Qty

1 Micron Pretreatment Filter

Required to prolong cartridge life. Ships with a filter housing and 1 micron filter. Recommended for bad raw water quality.

$158.00    Qty

0.2 Micron Sterile Vent Filter for Storage Tanks 30 - 100 Liters

Prevents the penetration of bacteria and other microorganisms

$138.00    Qty

High Purity Cartridge Pack for Lab Tower TII

This cartridge further purifies the reverse osmosis permeate to produce high purity water as required by international standards (ASTM Type II, CAP, ISO 3696, BS 3997 and CLSI).

$1,718.00    Qty

0.2 Micron Sterile Vent Filter for Storage Tanks 30 - 100 Liters

Ideal choice for tanks without a recirculation pump.

$239.00    Qty

Other Accessories

 Replacement UV Lamp for Pacific and Lab Tower TII Systems

Replacement UV Lamp for Pacific and Lab Tower TII Systems

Changing the UV lamp protects the system against microorganisms and oxidizes organic compounds in the feed water, allowing for TOC levels of less than 5ppb.

$250.00    Qty

RO Membrane for Barnstead LabTower and Pacific TII

$400.00    Qty

 Hand Dispenser Kit

Hand Dispenser Kit

Hand dispenser with 3 meter cord that connects to tank (to dispense Type 2 water). Ships with a 0.2 micron final filter.

$850.00    Qty

 Printer for Barnstead Water Systems 120V

Printer for Barnstead Water Systems 120V

Utilizes RS-232 interface for safe documentation of all measured values and faults with date and time in compliance with GLP-Guidelines.

$530.00    Qty

 Barnstead Cleaning Syringe

Barnstead Cleaning Syringe

Minimize the risk of contamination and flush away bacterial contaminants with regular cleaning of your water purification system.

$41.00    Qty


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