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Thermo Scientific Heraeus Refrigerated Primo R Centrifuge

Model 75005441

Model 75005441, Thermo Scientific Heraeus Refrigerated Primo R Centrifuge

Flexible and Efficient, Compact High-Performance

The Primo R is a microliter, high speed, and general purpose centrifuge all at the same time with the flexibility of various rotors.

Speed 300 - 15000 rpm (increments of 10)
Max RCF 21885 x g
Temp Range -9°C to +40
Sale Price $5,118.00 with Free Shipping


Normally Delivers in 5-10 Days

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Capacities with Fixed Angle Rotors

6 x 50 mL with High-Speed Tubes

6 x 15/50 mL with Conical BD Falcon Tubes

Capacities with Swinging Bucket Rotors

4 x 100 mL with DIN Tubes

4 x 15/50 mL with Conical BD Falcon

12 x 7/15 mL with Blood Tubes

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Learn About the Primo R Heraeus Primo R in Lab Use

The compact high-performance Heraeus Primo R centrifuge offers the functionality of three centrifuges. The ideal centrifuge for small medical laboratories, biochemistry and molecular biological research, and routine analysis in industrial laboratories, the Primo R is a microliter, high speed and general purpose centrifuge all at the same time.

Rotor Flexibility

Fixed angle, swinging bucket and microliter rotors for all common tubes from 0.2 to 100 mL are available for applications using microliter, DIN, blood sample and Falcon type conical tubes.

User-Friendly Technology

The automatic rotor recognition system identifies the rotor being used and allocates individual parameters to improve lab effeciency.

Rapid acceleration and braking times minimize waiting and ensure rapid sample processing.

Low noise levels during operation provide a more comfortable working environment.

Imbalance Recognition

The Heraeus Primo R series is equipped with electronic imbalance recognition.

Not only does it react if the centrifuge is loaded incorrectly, but it also registers imbalances during a run caused, for example, by tube breakage.

Centrifugation is interrupted and the user can remove the rotor and, if necessary, decontaminate it.

User Comfort

The Thermo Scientific EASYcontrol II user panel clearly displays all parameters.

Self explanatory symbols, which are internationally recognized, and the clear arrangement of function keys help you avoid incorrect operation.

The time and speed parameters are set with the easy-to-clean touch panel.

Two acceleration and nine braking curves are available for sensitive samples.

Heraeus Primo R Control Panel

Quality Construction and Protection

The Primo R centrifuge is composed of galvanized steel chassis with armored chamber and a plastic outer casing

Lid lock and interlock offer unrivaled centrifugal protection for ease-of-mind during runs

Typical Applications for the Primo R

Sedimentation of cells (algae, yeast, bacteria, etc.)

Sedimentation of cell organelles and cell fragments

Sample preparation for HPLC, (capillary) electrophoresis, etc.

Separation of DNA and protein precipitates

Blood and urine analysis

Centrifugation of standard test series in microliter tubes

Rotors for the Primo R

Highconic Fixed Angle Rotor

Model 75007588

Biocontainment Secure

Highconic Fixed Angle Rotor
45°, RMAX 124 mm

Includes 6 Adapters for 50 mL Conical Tubes

This rotor includes an aerosol tight lid and is ready to spin 50 mL conical tubes. It has adapters for high speed tubes from 1.5 to 50 mL and 15 or 50 mL Conical Falcon tubes, and flat angle ensures that sample material does not run out and the pellet forms at the bottom of the tube.

Capacity 6 x 50 mL (Places x Volume)
Max Speed 8500 rpm
Max RCF 10015 x g
Min Temp -1°
Sale Price $2,970.00 (Always Free Shipping!)


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4 x 100 mL Swinging Bucket Rotor

Buckets and Lids
Sold Separately
Model 75007591

Biocontainment Secure

4 x 100 mL Swinging Bucket Rotor
90°, RMAX 145 mm

This rotor accepts adapters for all types of tubes from 1.5 to 100 mL, and an aerosol tight cap is available.

Capacity 4 x 100 mL (Places x Volume)
Max Speed 4000 rpm
Max RCF 2585 x g
Min Temp -9°
Sale Price $1,029.00 (Always Free Shipping!)


Click for Swinging Bucket Rotor Adapters, Buckets, and Lids

Fixed Angle Drum Rotor

Sold Separately
Model 75007595

Fixed Angle Drum Rotor
45°, RMAX 87 mm

This rotor is suitable for high capacities of microlitre tubes with reduced braking and acceleration times and racks for every volume.

Capacity 8 x 2 / 1.5 mL (Places x Volume)
Max Speed 12000 rpm
Max RCF 14005 x g
Min Temp
Sale Price $2,277.00 (Always Free Shipping!)


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Microliter Fixed Angle Rotor

Sold Separately
Model 75007593

Biocontainment Secure

Microliter Fixed Angle Rotor
45°, RMAX 87 mm

This rotor is designed for high performace at top speed, is infinitely autoclavable, and includes an aerosol-tight seal. Adapters available for 0.25 to 0.6 mL microtubes and 0.2 mL PCR tubes.

Capacity 24 x 2 / 1.5 mL (Places x Volume)
Max Speed 15000 rpm
Max RCF 21885 x g
Min Temp
Sale Price $1,620.00 (Always Free Shipping!)


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Microliter Swinging Bucket Rotor

Model 75007592

Microliter Swinging Bucket Rotor
90°, RMAX 87 mm

This rotor is ideal for separation of liquid multi-phase systems (e.g. extracts with organic solvents), centrifugation of filtration units, density gradient-separation of cells/cell organelles, and semi-preparative centrifugation of proteins and DNA.

Capacity 12 x 2 / 1.5 mL (Places x Volume)
Max Speed 13000 rpm
Max RCF 16438 x g
Sale Price $1,135.00 (Always Free Shipping!)



Specifications for the Primo R

Control System EASYcontrol II Microprocessor
Drive System Induction Drive without Carbon Brushes
Rotor Recognition Automatic
Imbalance Detection Electronic, Ideally tuned for every rotor
Programs Most recent data remains in memory
Continuous (HOLD) Yes
Accelerations Rates 2
Decelerations Rates 9
Max Timer Range 0-9 hrs 59 mins, cont. operation (HOLD)
Sound Level (dBA) less than 60
Power Consumption 490 W (Max)
Dimensions 12.3"H x 22.8"W x 15.3"D
Weight 153 lb
Technical Standards EN 61 010-1, EN 61 010-2-020, EN 50 081-1, EN 50 082-1

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Espresso 11210800 Centrifuge

Espresso Centrifuge
12 x 2 mL Rotor


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