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Easypure RoDi D13321

Easypure RoDi D13321 Cartridges, Filters, Accessories

Listed below are available accessories for the Thermo Scientific Barnstead Easypure RoDi D13321.

All items are New, manufactered, and warranted by Thermo Scientific.

All items ship directly from Thermo Scientific to you

Easypure RoDi Cartridge Kit

MPN D502133

This Cartridge Kit for the Easypure RoDi includes (1) pre-filter, (1) ultrapure mixed bed cartridge, and (1) Easypure High Purity/Low TOC Cartridge.

Sale Price: $319.00

Free Shipping


0.2 μm Final Filter

MPN D3750

The 0.2 μm Final Filter fits in the Barnstead Nanopure, Easypure, E-Pure, B-Pure, and TII pure water systems.

Sale Price: $125.00

Free Shipping


Empty Cartridges for Cleaning (Easypure Sanitation Kit)

MPN D7034

The empty cartridges for cleaning provide a sanitation kit for the Barnstead Easypure II RF and the Easypure RoDi.

Sale Price: $155.00

Free Shipping


Ultraviolet UV Lamp (Unit)


Works with Nanopure D11911, D11951, D11931, D11971; Easypure II models D7401, D8611, D7035; Easypure RoDi model D13321; TII models D14031, D14041; Infinity models D8971, D8991.

Sale Price: $145.00

Free Shipping



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